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Are you confused with all of the pictures abbreviations and terminology? Pictures might be difficult while you’re simply beginning out and even you probably have just a few years of follow underneath your belt. 

30 Photography Abbreviations and Acronyms. Do You Know All of Them?

Studying all of the pictures abbreviations might be tough. We get it. That’s why we’ve put collectively this useful listing of 30 of essentially the most used pictures abbreviations within the pictures world.

Pictures Abbreviations and Acronyms

What number of are you aware? Fairly certain you’ll study some new ones. 


AE-LAutomated publicity lock

The automated publicity lock in your digital camera will allow you to set and lock the publicity settings. You may then recompose and refocus your picture with out altering the publicity setting.

AF-L – Autofocus lock

The autofocus lock characteristic enables you to set your focus after which lock it. You may recompose your shot with out altering the main target level(s) that you just set. That is helpful when you find yourself doing portraits, you set the main target in your topic’s eyes, lock it and recompose to attain higher composition.

AoV – Angle of view

The angle of view is the attribute of the lens. The time period used to explain the angular extent of a scene that the lens can see and measured in levels.

APS-C – Superior Picture System Sort C

APS-C is a digital sensor format that’s roughly equal in measurement to the Superior Picture System movie adverse in its “Basic” format, of 25.1×16.7 mm, a facet ratio of three:2.
/ Study extra: Full Body vs APS-C Cameras /

AWB – Auto White Steadiness

The auto white steadiness performance in your digital camera tries to take away colour forged in your photographs making them as pure as doable.


B – Bulb Mode

Bulb mode in your digital camera enables you to open your shutter manually for the period of time that you really want. That is used for lengthy publicity pictures or low mild situations. 


CA – Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic aberration is colour fringing that happens in high-contrast areas of your photographs. You’ve in all probability observed it as purple fringes in your photographs (although it may also be crimson, inexperienced, blue, and extra).
/ Study extra: Chromatic Aberration Defined /


DAM – Digital Asset Administration

The whole lot you do together with your picture information from the second the picture is recorded to a reminiscence card is named DAM. It consists of modifying, backup, conversions, publishing, and so forth.

DOF  – Depth of Discipline

The depth of discipline is the gap between the closest and most distant objects in your picture that look acceptably sharp. That is measured in ft or meters.
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DX – Nikon Crop Sensor Format Lenses

These are the Nikon model sequence of lenses supposed to be used with the crop APS-C sensor Nikon digital camera our bodies. 
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DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex

A digital single-lens reflex digital camera is a digital digital camera that makes use of the optics within the type of a mirror and prism to let the photographer look by means of the lens.


EF – Canon Full-Body Sensor Format Lenses

The Canon EF sequence of lenses are the lenses which might be used on the full-frame Canon DSLRs cameras.

EF-S – Canon Crop Sensor Format Lenses

The Canon EF-S lenses are designed for use with the Canon crop sensor (APS-C) digital camera our bodies solely.
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ETTL – Exposing to the Left

Exposing to the left is the method in pictures when the picture is uncovered in order that the histogram is shifted to the left and produces an under-exposed picture which might then be adjusted in post-processing.

ETTR – Exposing to the Proper

However, publicity to the proper is when the picture is uncovered in order that the histogram is shifted to the proper and produces an overexposed picture which might then be adjusted in post-processing.

EVF – Digital Viewfinder

The viewfinder is the gadget that permits you to see your topic by means of the digital camera and compose your picture. Not like the optical viewfinder the place you look straight at a scene by means of the lens, the digital viewfinder reads the data immediately from the digital camera’s sensor and shows it digitally.
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EXIF –  Exchangeable Picture File Format

The exchangeable picture file format permits you to retailer info relating to your photographs. Information, (additionally known as metadata) just like the date, location, and digital camera settings of the picture are saved within the file format for future reference.
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F-stop (f-number)

The f-stop is the quantity that corresponds to the aperture in your DSLR. The smaller the quantity (f1.4 for instance) the broader the aperture. 
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FF – Full Body

Full body cameras are cameras whose sensors have a measurement of 35mm movie (36mm by 24mm).
/ Study extra: Full Body vs APS-C Cameras /


HDR – Excessive Dynamic Vary

HDR pictures is a method that permits you to seize photographs of the scenes with the prolonged vary of sunshine depth (sunsets, sunrises). It entails taking a number of pictures of the identical scene utilizing totally different publicity values and mix them collectively in-camera on within the modifying software program.
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IQ – Picture High quality

Picture high quality relating to pictures means the extent of picture degradation that impacts the general high quality of the picture. Good tools and pictures abilities guarantee larger picture high quality.

IR – Infrared (utilized in distant releases)

An infrared distant shutter launch makes use of invisible mild to transmit info to your digital camera. 

IS – Picture Stabilization

Picture stabilization is a expertise that your lens or digital camera to compensate for shake or vibration to make sure a sharp picture with out blur. 

  • Canon – IS (picture stabilization)
  • Nikon – VR (vibration discount)
  • Sony – OSS (optical regular shot)
  • Tamron – VC (vibration compensation)
  • Fujifilm OIS (optical picture stabilization)
  • Tamron – VC (vibration compensation)


M – Guide Taking pictures Mode

Taking pictures in guide mode together with your digital camera enables you to manually choose the settings just like the Aperture, the ISO, and the Shutter Velocity. 


OVF – Optical Viewfinder

The optical viewfinder which is discovered on DSLR and a few mirrorless cameras is the a part of the digital camera the place you set your eye to take a look at your scene by means of the lens.
/ Study extra: EVF vs OVF: Optical vs Digital Viewfinder Battle /


ND – Impartial Density

Impartial density filters are used to scale back the quantity of mild that enters the lens with out affecting the colours.

NR  – Noise Discount

The noise discount course of is the strategy of eliminating noise that causes grain that impacts picture high quality. 


SD – Safe Digital

SD is a reminiscence card format. An SD reminiscence card is a card that you just insert in your digital camera to retailer and save your photographs. 
/ Study extra: Learn how to Choose the Proper SD Reminiscence Card /

SOOC – Straight Out of Digital camera

SOOC implies that a photograph has not been processed or edited with picture editors.

SS – Shutter Velocity

The shutter velocity in your digital camera determines how gradual or how briskly the shutter stays open while you press the shutter button. 
/ Study extra: Shutter Velocity In Pictures /


Pictures is enjoyable and when you already know the fundamentals and study the jargon you can be well-informed and really feel snug in your pictures tasks. Be certain that to bookmark this listing to maintain it helpful while you want it.

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