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The Best Cities to Travel Alone in the USA

I recently traveled alone in the USA. And let me just say, it’s been amazing. I’ve discovered some incredible destinations, met fabulous people, and most importantly, learned a lot about myself in the process.

I’m here to share the Best Cities to Travel Alone in the USA list and tell you you why these cities stole my heart.

1. New York City, NY

Assorted-color Vehicle Vehicle on Street

It’s true what they say: You’re never really alone in the Big Apple!

From the moment my plane touched down, I felt a thrilling buzz of energy that’s simply unbeatable. New York City is an ideal destination for solo travelers, offering endless experiences and astonishing diversity.

Wandering the streets alone, I fell in love with the iconic neighborhoods such as the artsy SoHo and the vibrant East Village.

On this solo adventure, I conquered my fear of eating alone by indulging in the wealth of delightful culinary options NYC offers (hello, bagels and pizza!).

Plus, there’s no shortage of world-class museums and attractions to keep you entertained.

I had the best time treating myself to a Broadway show (because why not?). Don’t hesitate to splurge on some world-class entertainment when you’re rolling solo in NYC!

2. Austin, TX

To my fellow music lovers, you can’t miss Austin, TX, the Live Music Capital of the World! Every night, I found myself lost in the beats, tapping my foot to the rhythms of talented musicians in intimate venues.

From the famous South by Southwest music festival to the countless bars and venues hosting local bands, there was no shortage of entertainment options.

I also managed to find a fantastic co-working space that allowed me to balance my work and play.

But what really got me excited about Austin was its vibrant art scene.

I spent hours getting lost in the contemporary pieces at The Blanton Museum of Art, and I couldn’t resist snapping a selfie with the iconic HOPE Outdoor Gallery graffiti wall as a backdrop.

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Travel Tip: Rent a bike to explore the city! Austin has an extensive biking infrastructure, which makes seeing the sights on two wheels a delight.

Don’t get me started on the food scene; I’m still salivating over the mouthwatering tacos and BBQ joints. For a bit of nature, take a stroll along Lady Bird Lake or dive into the refreshing waters of Barton Springs Pool.

In a city like Austin, it’s easy to strike up conversations with friendly locals.

Be open to making new connections.

3. Portland, OR

If you’re into amazing coffee, quirky bookstores, and a laid-back vibe, Portland is calling your name.

Walking through the unique neighborhoods, I found myself feeling right at home in this Pacific Northwest gem.

Between checking out food trucks and admiring the local street art, I took some time to reflect and reconnect with myself amidst lush green spaces like Forest Park and the Japanese Garden.

The numerous food trucks scattered throughout the city are a must-see. I treated myself to a mouthwatering fusion burrito that I’m still dreaming about.

For accommodation, I found a cozy, eco-friendly hostel called HI Portland Hawthorne.

And don’t forget to grab a delicious cappuccino from Heart Coffee Roasters while you’re in town.

Portland’s friendly atmosphere and abundance of activities made it the perfect introduction to my solo adventure.

When you’re solo in Portland, be prepared to embrace your inner hipster. It’s the best way to blend in and make new friends.

Travel Tip: Bring some comfy shoes! Portland is a very walkable city and has an excellent public transportation system that makes it easy to explore on your own.

4.San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has been one of my favorite cities to visit alone. It’s a city where I can truly be myself, and never feel out of place.

Each neighborhood has its own distinct character and charm, offering endless opportunities for exploration and self-discovery.

When I first visited San Francisco alone, I immediately fell in love with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

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I know it’s a popular tourist destination, but trust me, it’s worth it! Walking or biking across this majestic, red bridge is an unforgettable experience, and the views of the city and bay are simply breathtaking.

Another must-visit spot is Fisherman’s Wharf; perfect for long, leisurely strolls and, of course, indulging in some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.

And guess what? I’ve made friends with some like-minded foodies along the way! Also, don’t forget to visit the famous Alcatraz Island.

It’s a tad eerie, but fascinating at the same time.

Solo Traveler-Friendly Accommodations

Finding accommodations that cater to solo travelers is crucial for a successful trip. One fantastic option in San Francisco is USA Hostels.

They offer a variety of private and shared rooms, as well as a fantastic common area for meeting fellow travelers.

Plus, their central location makes exploring the city a breeze.

Navigating the City

Exploring San Francisco can be both exhilarating and tiring, due to its many hills and diverse neighborhoods.

My go-to mode of transportation has always been the iconic San Francisco cable cars. When I first tried them, I couldn’t help but marvel at the city’s rich history!

And don’t worry using them is pretty straightforward, especially with multiple affordable day passes available.

5.Nashville, TN

City Buildings Near the River

From the moment I set foot on Nashville soil, I felt a sense of belonging unlike any other city I’d visited. Maybe it was the sweet melodies filling the air, or the friendly smiles that greeted me on every corner, or maybe it was the hidden gems (like the obscure coffee shop I stumbled upon).

Whatever it was, Nashville instantly became my home away from home. Here are a few reasons why this charming city had me head over heels.

1. Music is the Lifeblood of the City

There’s no denying that the heart and soul of Nashville lies in its music. Walking down Broadway, I couldn’t help but be entranced by the sounds of live music, from the honky-tonk bars to street musicians. But it’s not just country music that defines this city. Nashville also embraces a variety of musical genres, with a vibrant independent music scene that included everything from rock to funk.

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2. The People are Incredibly Friendly

Everywhere I went, people were genuinely warm and welcoming. Striking up conversations with locals (and fellow solo travelers!) was a breeze. In fact, I ended up making a few friends along the way who showed me the hidden spots only locals know about. It’s no wonder that Nashville is often called “the friendliest city in America.”

3. The Culinary Scene is Mouthwatering

From the best hot chicken in town to delicious southern classics like shrimp and grits, Nashville’s culinary scene did not disappoint. I found myself feasting on innovative dishes from award-winning restaurants and local dives alike. Foodies, prepare yourselves – Nashville has some serious eats!

4. Endless Adventures Await

Exploring the city alone was far from boring. From visiting the historic Ryman Auditorium to hiking the gorgeous trails in nearby state parks, there was always something new to discover. The city’s rich culture also made for some eye-opening adventures in art, history, and fashion.

5. Solutions for Every Solo Travel Need

As a solo traveler, Nashville provided an incredible range of experiences and amenities. I always felt safe and comfortable navigating the city, thanks in part to the friendly locals and easily accessible public transportation.

Plus, there was no shortage of cozy Airbnbs, charming cafes, and fun group activities where I could meet other travelers.

Now that you’ve explored some of the most appealing cities for solo travelers in the USA, I hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to take on the world or at least, a small corner of it by yourself.

Happy travels.

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